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Aluminium Pellets

Home Products Aluminium Pellets
Home Products Aluminium Pellets
Aluminium Pellets

Aluminium Pellets

Aluminium pigments in dust free pellets form

The flakes used for our pellets are based on Silver Dollar or corn flake technique. The narrow particle size distribution of the Silver Dollar in combination with the smooth, polished flakes gives an appealing bright metallic appearance. A wide range of particle sizes are available.

Data sheets/tables

Plastics Pellets

GradeParticle size ¹ ² [µm]Pigment typeMetal content [%]Carrier
CB 9 PEW 709Flake70Polyethylene wax
CB 16 PEW 7016Silver Dollar70Polyethylene wax
CB 30 PEW 7030Silver Dollar70Polyethylene wax
CB 32 PEW 7032Silver Dollar70Polyethylene wax
CB 38 PEW 7042Silver Dollar70Polyethylene wax
CB 60 PEW 7060Silver Dollar70Polyethylene wax
CB 75 PEW 7075Silver Dollar70Polyethylene wax
CB 95 PEW 7095Silver Dollar70Polyethylene wax
CB 240 PEW 70240Silver Dollar70Polyethylene wax
CB 140 PELL W 9419Flake94Wax
CB 260 PELL W 9414Flake94Wax
CB 9 PEW 70
CB 16 PEW 70
CB 30 PEW 70
CB 32 PEW 70
CB 38 PEW 70
CB 60 PEW 70
CB 75 PEW 70
CB 95 PEW 70
CB 240 PEW 70
CB 140 PELL W 94
CB 260 PELL W 94
Data sheets/tables

Coatings - Non-Leafing Soft Granules

GradeParticle size ¹ [µm]Metal content [%]Carrier
CBright 3214 AP3588Wetting agent
CBright 3214 SI3575Wetting agent
CBright 5212 AP5588Wetting agent
CBright 5212 SI5575Wetting agent
CBright 3214 AP
CBright 3214 SI
CBright 5212 AP
CBright 5212 SI
Data sheets/tables

Printing Inks - Non-Leafing Soft Granules

GradeParticle size ¹ [µm]Metal content [%]Carrier
For solvent based inks
CBright 10001180Aldehyde
For water based inks
CBright 1000 AP1188Wetting agent
CBright 1000 SI1175Wetting agent
CBright 12 AP1680Wetting agent
For UV curing inks
CBright 1000 UV1178TriDecyl Alcohol
CBright 1000
CBright 1000 AP
CBright 1000 SI
CBright 12 AP
CBright 1000 UV