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Home Business Areas Explosives
Home Business Areas Explosives


Aluminium flake powder as energy source

Aluminium Flake Powder and Atomized Powder are very effective sources of energy. Carlfors powders for Civil Explosives are widely used for water gels and emulsion applications.

In Civil Explosives aluminium powder is used to increase the total energy and blast effect and in some application also to increase the sensitivity. Carlfors has a long tradition of supplying powder for the Explosives industry and with our extensive range of products we have a powder for almost every application.

The powders can be coated for better performance and chemical resistance. Coated Atomized powder for emulsion explosives and Flake Powder for water gels are tested in our laboratory to comply with our customers demands of chemical resistance.

A special series of flakes are used for initiation systems, non-electric spark ignition systems. A thin coating of aluminium powder inside the initiation tube is applied and the firing impulse is similar to a dust explosion.

Other Business Areas

Lightweight Concrete

Carlfors Bruk AB has supplied the Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) industry or the Lightweight Concrete industry (LWC) with aluminium flake products for more than 80 years and in that time built up a profound expertise with regard to aluminium powder and paste for this application.


Pigments for the coating industry are a core business for Carlfors. We have more than 100 years’ experience in producing pigments for coatings such as Reflective Roof Coatings for domestic and industrial buildings ,Marine Anti Corrosion Coatings for extending the life cycle of ships, Decorative coatings providing superior added value aesthetics to various substrates including textiles and finally for general industrial coatings.


Carlfors pigments for plastics are offered in three different forms; pellets, paste and powder. Our Silver Dollar pellets are state of the art pigments with a very narrow particle size distribution and provide outstanding brilliant metallic effects. Our flake pastes and pellets are well known for their excellent hiding power at low loading levels. They are supplied in different solvents or plasticizers to suit customers’ requirements.

Powder Coating

Powder coating is gaining popularity as a coating technique as it is an environmentally friendly VOC free process. Our range of leafing and non-leafing pigments for powder coatings are appreciated for their good dispersing properties and coverage. The pigments are suitable for both Corona and Tribo powder applications and can be either dry blended or bonded with the base powder coat. Depending on the application and production process we have different pigment encapsulating technologies to offer such as an inorganic encapsulation process where silica coated flakes offer superior spraying characteristics and an organic polymer encapsulation which provides outstanding corrosion resistance.

Printing Inks

Carlfors Silver Dollar pigments for Gravure and Flexo printing inks have superior brilliance and good coverage. Our soft granule is easy to handle and transport. The Silver Dollar products are available for both solvent borne and water borne applications.

Atomized Powder

Our atomized powders are manufactured by solidifying an aluminium melt by high pressure air. The nodular aluminium powder is sieved into different fineness. We have a wide range of coatings to be applied to achieve different properties according to our customer’s demands. Atomized powder is for example used for explosives, chemical industry or hot isostatic pressing.

Butterfly Valves

Huluhammars Bruk, a Carlfors Bruk subsidiary, is one of the leading manufacturers of high quality butterfly valves.